Selling clothing online can be a profitable and exciting experience! Here is how to successfully sell clothes online – follow these 10 tips!

It doesn’t matter if you want to make space in your closet or you just want to make some extra cash – selling clothing online is a profitable and exciting experience. Even though this is an opportunity for you to earn some extra money, you should know a few things before you decide to sell clothes online.

You can just open your closet, take a few photos, upload the photos on the web and expect to sell your items. It doesn’t work like that.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to successfully sell clothes online. And if you want to be a successful seller, you need to follow these 10 tips:

  1. Select the name of your online clothing store well – Before you start selling, you need to make a plan and think about what you are going to sell and then choose the name of your store. If you want, you can use your own name, for example, Christy’s Clothes or use something else. As long as the name is unique and catchy, you are good to go.
  2. Source clothing – You need to cover your sources – where are you going to get your clothing or your items from? Your own wardrobe, thrift stores, brand new wholesale places or somewhere else?
  3. Select a niche – You need to choose a specific niche as you can’t cater for everyone and you shouldn’t. We recommend you to select one or two specific types of clothing you want to sell and stick to those items as much as possible. By doing so, you will be able to build your own audience of loyal customers and active buyers.
  4. Take high-quality photos – You need to keep one thing in mind – the photo sells. Online buyers can’t touch, feel or smell the items you sell, so you better take brilliant photos to show them your pieces are worth buying. We recommend you to use a good camera to take the photos. There should be photos of the front, back, the labels, any tears, marks or damage.
  5. Get a measurement size chart and include it in your photos – You can find some great size charts online. You can upload such chart with your photos and help your potential customers decide whether or not the jeans you sell will fit them.
  6. Write a killer description – Before listing the items online for sale, you need to write a killer description. Include all the important information and details the customer should know such as size, dimensions, color, material, and etc.
  7. Set a real price – This is probably the hardest part but also the most important one. When it comes to pricing, you should be realistic. You shouldn’t underprice your items but you also shouldn’t overprice them. Find a balance.
  8. Interact with customers – You need to be prepared as customers will ask a lot of questions, so make sure always to respins. Even if they don’t buy something this time, they might come back.
  9. Let the buyer know that you have received the payment – Once an item of yours is purchased, inform the buyer that you have received the payment. Don’t forget to thank them.
  10. Make your customers remember you – If you want to leave a positive impression you could include a business card or a little treat for all of your buyers in your sales. They will surely come back to buy something else.

Keep these helpful tips in mind! Happy selling!


Sell Clothes for Money: 5 Techniques to Use to Maximize Your Profits

Planning to sell clothes for money? You have come to the right place! Here are 5 techniques you can use to maximize your profits!

You just opened your closet and realized that there are so many things you don’t wear anymore? Even though this information stresses you off, we have good news for you – you can sell all those pieces online and make some cash out of it. Yes, you can get paid for selling clothes online.

Consignment and resale stores make is super easy to sell clothes for money today. They use a buy-sell-trade model which allows you to package the old clothes and make room for the new. This is a great opportunity to clean your closet, make some space and to make some profit at the same time. But, there is one problem – not everyone knows how to sell clothes for money. If you are one of those guys, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We are going to present you 5 great techniques that will help you boost your profits and make you a successful online seller. Let’s start:

  1. Know the resellers – Each online store has its own different rate for trade and for resale. You need to make your own research and determine which one offers the best rate according to your needs. If you want to get cash for your items, make sure to first check out the stores that offer the highest percentage per sale. If you like to trade your items for new, you might start your own store with a higher trade rate. There are so many options and alternatives out there you can try. There are some great resale chains such as Second Time Around, Crossroads Trading, Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closet and others that offer some great conditions. Have a plan and know which reseller suits you the most!
  2. Know exactly what they are looking for – Most online stores will buy only what they know will sell at the moment. For instance, if you are selling a winter coat in summer, these stores simply won’t buy it because no one will buy it from them. Also, they don’t take anything that is low-quality or in a poor condition. So, before you list an item for sale, know exactly what the online stores are looking for so you would know what to offer.
  3. Don’t forget about the details – You need to pay attention to the current trends as these details will help you boost your profits when selling clothes online. If you want to sell bootcut denim but everyone on the market is looking to buy skinny jeans, you might not be able to sell your items.
  4. Presentation is very important – You need to keep in mind that presentation matters, so take the time to leave a positive impression. You can pack up all of your things nicely as this can make a huge difference to your customers. You can use your finest garment bags and hangers. If you still have the original box for your shoes, put the shoes in it. If you still have the tags, send them to your buyers so they can authenticate. First impressions are really important.
  5. If you don’t succeed, don’t be sad, just find another reseller – What to do with the clothes you didn’t sell? Well, you surely don’t have to quit! All you need to do is find another reseller who will be more accepting.

Got any tips for us? If you have your own methods and techniques about how to sell clothes for money share them now!

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