Nowadays people are purchasing and selling products in a different manner than 30 years ago. Namely, the Internet has become one of the most important places where business transactions take place. In other words, more and more buyers and sellers meet each other on the World Wide Web. Many business owners know this and they already have their eCommerce sites. But, the real question is how to get more sales. “Expand your business marketplaces” is a frequently searched term these days.

One of the reasons why this search term is so popular is the fact that a huge number of business owners have realized that by using established online marketplaces as an additional sales channel they will be able to expand and improve their business operations. It doesn’t matter whether you are focused on business-to-business or business-to-client operations, these marketplaces can help. In order to make things clearer for the average business owner, we have created a list of online marketplaces that you can use to expand your business.


There’s no doubt that Amazon deserves to be high on this list. This is one of the most popular websites not only in the United States where this company is based but all over the world. It started as a website for selling books, but today people can purchase thousands of different products there.

What’s great is that Amazon allows businesses to create special business accounts and offer their products on their site. Of course, they will take a certain fee for that, but this makes sense. With thousands of active users on a daily basis, it’s not that difficult to start selling products via Amazon. Business users have two options and one of them is free. The free plan allows you to list a limited number of products and Amazon charges fees per sold product. There is also a paid plan which allows you to list as many products as you want and you have to pay a monthly fee. In any case, you can switch from one plan to another whenever you want to make it easy to test these two options.

It’s also good to know that sellers on Amazon can get access to wholesale products at lower prices. In this way, they can make a profit in an easier way. Don’t forget that buyers can use a few different payment options while buying things on Amazon which is definitely good for buyers.


Another popular online marketplace that has been present in the online market for years is eBay. This is a real giant among online marketplaces available to both sellers and buyers. At the beginning of their journey, eBay was a place which was covering retail markets and partnered with businesses to deliver online buyers different solutions to purchase things from international manufacturers. Both B2B and B2C users can benefit from using eBay because this website is the favorite place of all types of buyers.

If you check their trending products section, you will notice that businesses sell all kinds of things on this network from electronic equipment and clothes to gardening tools and pet food. Just like Amazon, eBay has a few localized versions of their site (eBay for German users, UK users, US users, Canadian users, etc.). Instead of spending tons of money on promoting your eCommerce website, you can create a store on eBay and start selling goods right away.


AliExpress was introduced a little bit later than eBay and Amazon, but they have managed to grab the attention of international buyers. If you take a close look at the products offered there, you will probably notice that most sellers are focused on offering cheap products. Most of the products belong to the clothing and electronics categories.

AliExpress is an excellent cross-border B2C platform. They are available in 230 countries and regions which is a huge plus because Amazon, for example, is not present everywhere. At this moment, AliExpress is available in 18 different languages. With 200 million monthly visitors this is not only one of the most popular online marketplaces, but also one of the most popular sites in general. On top of that, they have a dedicated mobile app and what’s even more impressive is that this is the most used eCommerce mobile app in the world. There’s no doubt that opening an online store on AliExpress is a smart move, but in order to become a successful seller, you will have to do some research and understand the mechanics of this site.

Those of you who are interested in expanding their business through a marketplace like this, but are focused on B2B activities, can use AliExpress sister site called Alibaba. Keep in mind that it’s a little bit difficult to make progress on the B2B version of this site because most of the sellers there are manufacturing companies based in China. This means that you can expect fierce competition on this site.


While we are talking about marketplaces that can help you expand your business focused on B2B business ventures, we will mention another Asian solution and that’s ECPlaza. This is a very trendy eCommerce platform and marketplace that comes from South Korea. At this moment, they have support in four popular languages – Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English. There are more than half a million active users on this site and needless to say most of them are buyers. What’s great is that this clientele comes from different countries and that all kinds of businesses can open their stores/pages here.

We should also mention that ECPlaza encourages visitors to establish offline connections between themselves. Every business can showcase their products with the help of videos and images and provide detailed descriptions too. This is an excellent B2B platform that can definitely help you share your business message to more potential buyers.

Don’t forget that these are just some of the many marketplaces that can help you expand your business.

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